HGM is an information technology consultancy and software development company
with 15 years of expertise
in delivering web based and mobile solutions

Darlık Dam Lake, Şile, İstanbul


We are an information technology consultancy and software development company in Istanbul, TURKEY. We're founded in July 2009.

We develop web based and mobile applications, we help our clients to plan and develop their software projects, we train our clients' dev teams to develop enterprise level robust, maintainable and scalable applications. We use adaptive approach on our projects. We believe Agile methodologies, Agile principles and values are very important. We prefer to work on projects with our clients interactively.

With 15 years of expertise, we delivered solutions that enabled our clients to achieve their objectives in different domains such as education, finance, healthcare, government, news publishing, aviation, and retail. We trained and mentored new developers and made them adequate developers. We helped them to be part of a team, to be a better team player.

What We Do

HGM is organised in "Reformo" and “HGM Labs” for two main activities.

We develop web based and mobile applications. We consult our clients on how to create the greatest software solutions.

We build a collaborative, trusting and safe environment where open communication helps to achieve our clients' targeted value. We develop web based and mobile applications such as CMS (Content Management System applications), CRM (Customer Relation Management applications), E-commerce, and any kind of corporate software and consult on strategic and tactical design, developing, delivering and deploying software. We follow Domain Driven Design principles, use Agile methodologies and latest technologies.

Services Reformo Provides

  • Site Reliability
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Enterprise Software & Restful API Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Service Integration
  • Data Migration

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We train, mentor and coach dev teams and individual developers to develop enterprise level robust and maintainable applications.

We believe team harmony. If team members does not help level up each other, there is no team but independent individuals working on the same project. Team in harmony starts with confident indivuduals. We first train, mentor and equip individuals to understand and implement clean code and clean architecture. We cover SOLID Principles, Design Patterns, Object Design, DDD, Hexagonal Architecture, Open API Spec, TDD and many more. Then we coach team members to cover basics of Agile principles and values, and being collaborative and accountable.